In collaboration with Department of Crop Sciences, College of Aces and with the support of the Sally Pascoe-Valpredo Foundation

Valpredo Farms and Country Sweet Produce are proud to partner with the University of Illinois, Department of Crop Sciences, College of ACES to offer a summer internship program to educate and cultivate young students interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.

Our summer internship gives one college student each year the opportunity to experience California agriculture first hand. At Valpredo Farms and Country Sweet Produce we teach our interns how to balance between seasonal organic farming and daily consumer needs for fruits and vegetables – while managing seasonal summer harvesting and a fast-paced production schedule. We welcome our interns as part of the team and challenge them to play an integral role in executing successful seasonal produce programs by teaching them to manage logistics and inventory for summer harvest, understanding produce sales from start to finish, and interpreting packaging strategies.

During the 8-week program our interns are given the chance to live in Bakersfield, CA; nationally recognized for exceptional row crop production. We encourage our students to take advantage of their location by sending them to tour and visit with nearby farming companies to learn different crops and farming practices - and sending them to visit local organic retailers such as Whole Foods in Southern California. The feedback we receive from our interns about their experience is exciting and encouraging, we truly enjoy enriching their knowledge and passion for agriculture.

"The Valpredo Internship is a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience agriculture with a completely different scale and focus compared to the corn and soybean economy of Illinois. Our students have an intense interest in the global food system and this internship experience gives them a unique perspective on California’s role as the national leader in specialty crop agriculture.

- Professor Bruce Branham, University of Illinois


2016 - Dylan Tzar
2017 - Sean Tobin